Hmmm…thought I was uploading four photos…only got one….. Here goes again.

Weathered stone at Garden of Ridván.

GOAL: to publish something new and interesting at least once each week.

Blog 101:

Haifa date: Saturday 14 May 2011.

Mission: to learn how to blog and to maintain it consistently.

Inspiration: amazing country in which I find myself living.

Mode: Photograph or word.

First post:  Photograph from visit to Ridván Garden near Akká, Israel, 7 May.

Learning:  Photos look spectacular on WordPress compared to the same photo uploaded to facebook.

Title:  Reflections – pointing back to me above glassy water.

Reflection:  Post more photos here…think more about why I took this picture and what I saw in it.

Stream running by the small house of Baha'u'llah

Still on a steep learning curve…..Architectural Reflections

Am trying to create a few pages with photos and observations about them…..  Not sure if it’s the low bandwidth on my wireless connection or the inability to understand where I am in the software!!!  Here is a picture from yesterday in Tel Aviv.  We were walking in the rain so am amazed it came out this well.  Am using an iphone because my serious camera is still in California….limits me to simple stuff.

The Old & the New

Old & New Era Buildings in Tel Aviv