Hmmm…thought I was uploading four photos…only got one….. Here goes again.

Weathered stone at Garden of Ridván.

3 thoughts on “Hmmm…thought I was uploading four photos…only got one….. Here goes again.

  1. Okay….so after studying my Blog again this afternoon have managed to get this from “draft” version to published. It actually has two of the three uploaded photos….thought I only got one. SO, there is progress!! I seem to get lost easily in the drop down menus, buttons, etc. This blogging includes a new vocab as well….. Carpe diem!!

  2. When I look at the paving stones near the caravanserai, I wonder about the feet that have trodden them, the donkeys that have clattered along with their tottering loads, the children who have scampered and played on them, the carriages that have rattled down the street, wearing the stones ever smoother. Who were they? How were their days? What brought them joy? Where were they going? If only the stones could tell us what they heard and felt!

    • Thanks Cindy! I was in awe of the architecture in Akka that day…..probably why I tripped and bruised my foot….. But was totally unprepared for Caesarea. The huge stones in the entry road are about as big as a dining room chair seat and smoothed and rounded till they are the size of a bed pillow! Some are marble, some are limestone – will try to put up another few photos of those for you! :o)

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