Moonrise over Ceasarea

Caesarea was built south of what is now Haifa about 4 centuries before Christ.  It is now a National Park and next to it is the only golf course in Israel……  That’s the trivia.  Now some photos of super ancient stones!  At 7pm the light was soft and warm peach coloured on the stones….

Jane Austen

Watched The Jane Austen Book Club again on Thursday night….then Friday afternoon bought a copy of Sense & Sensibility.  Am sure that reading certain styles of writing informs our own.  Virginia Woolf used to read every morning for a certain amount of time, then after tea time (if she wasn’t interrupted) would do her own writing.  She had a set schedule to her day and her diary and letter writing took large parts of it.  She also had part duties of the Bloomsbury Publishing house…but her husband ran most of it.  Should maybe pick up a copy of something of hers…..hoping it will infuse my writing by osmosis.  I would prefer to write in her lacy way than have Jane’s prudishness come through in my own letters…maybe it’s too late….or maybe it’s easy to change.  Lots of froth

Seven Months Reflections on Haifa

Seven months now in Haifa and it feels like home…. The noisy traffic no longer makes me jump, people smile at me in recognition in my neighbourhood, the local cats all approach me hoping for hand-outs, people ask me if the bus has come by yet….in Hebrew!…maybe I look Jewish?  But here in Haifa there is no such thing, as everyone is a mixture of something else.  There are people whose families have lived here for so many generations they cannot trace them…and those from Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Russia…..and New York!  I know I’m leaving out LOTS!  You can hear people speaking Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Filipino on their cell phones….  The buses are full of such entertainment!!  Not to mention the fashion shows!  Have come to a land of stone houses….from the land of wooden construction.  Stone is cooler, smooth or sculpted, textured, ancient…. I LOVE looking at stonework here.  Have a series of just “stone” photos – they are as varied as flowers!

Ben Gurion Avenue

More of my fascination with stonework