Jane Austen

Watched The Jane Austen Book Club again on Thursday night….then Friday afternoon bought a copy of Sense & Sensibility.  Am sure that reading certain styles of writing informs our own.  Virginia Woolf used to read every morning for a certain amount of time, then after tea time (if she wasn’t interrupted) would do her own writing.  She had a set schedule to her day and her diary and letter writing took large parts of it.  She also had part duties of the Bloomsbury Publishing house…but her husband ran most of it.  Should maybe pick up a copy of something of hers…..hoping it will infuse my writing by osmosis.  I would prefer to write in her lacy way than have Jane’s prudishness come through in my own letters…maybe it’s too late….or maybe it’s easy to change.  Lots of froth

4 thoughts on “Jane Austen

    • Virginia Woolf’s books and essays were not depressing, neither were her letters and diary entries. She was quite an entertaining writer. She had a very quiet reflective style that was like reading a painting. :o)

  1. I think Austin’s writing is like a painting too – it shows the restrained, taut, clipped era as seen in the conventions of the time, but also the human, real life that surges below the surface. That’s why I love Austin. It’s what lies below.

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