More of ‘Akká

Entering ‘Akká - The Ancient Fortress City

Having got a crash tech consultation over lunch today am attempting to put my new knowledge to the test here.  Apparently I’ve been overwhelming my posts with photos, when it’s supposed to have some text involved as well.  My attempted method was to load the photo first and comment as I looked at it.  Not the way the software works!  SO here I am writing my text first and about to go into my extensive photo files to choose the lucky photo, or usually as the case turns out to be, the lucky photos!

Along the Sea Wall - ‘Akká

The afternoon in ‘Akká was outstanding in that we entered and drove over to the west side of the walled city to find parking by the water.

Then we walked south along the seawall heading towards the lighthouse, and turned east and walked toward the boat harbour.  Posted a few of the blue boat pics yesterday. We ate at a restaurant on the water with fishing boats and nets right next to the fence around the outdoor tables.

Seawall looking east towards boat harbour

We then headed in from the water by the caravanserai, past the mosque and toward the markets.  The streets were so narrow that only a bike or Yaris type car would fit.

The markets were FULL of color, so I was shooting photos constantly as we walked.  Everything from cinnamon to high heeled shoes, ice cream to  belly dancing outfits, smoking pipes to scarves.

Spices, morter & pestals - Market ‘Akká

Outdoor Market - ‘Akká

Bags of Spices - Market ‘Akká

Pipes and musical instruments - Market ‘Akká

Belly dancing costumes - Market ‘Akká

Cooking utensils - ‘Akká Market

Bags full of interesting stuff

Market Colour