Miss Leonora

Passport photo from 1923 - Leonora at age 28

Rua Dr. Soter de Araujo 3

Santos, Brazil

Feb. 19, 1921


Dearest Miss Root,


You see I am in Santos after all, and I am so happy – just as you said I would be. At least I am happy to be with Guido Gnocchi and his family, and I shall be more happy when I can feel that I am really helping him in the work for the Cause. There seems to be very little that I can do until I know Portuguese pretty well – Guido assures me that then I can do much – but meanwhile, therefore, I am putting all of my time on the Portuguese, and of course I am getting practice continually, as neither Snr. nor Snra, G. knows any English. They are helping me a great deal, and I am also teaching them English now in the class which I have begun and am to have 3 evenings a week. I have translated one of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s talks, and Snr. G. has corrected it, and I hope to do much in this way, for I think the translation of the Teachings is one of the most important and urgent needs.

One thought on “Miss Leonora

  1. It is so inspiring to read from Dona Leonora’s own letter about the humbleness of her beginnings in Brazil. We see the end – her mastery of the Portuguese language, the body of translations she completed during her lifetime, her complete consecration to service. But it is here, in this letter, that we see the simple and yet profoundly determined way she began.

    We are all at some simple beginning, too. We must take a determined stand if we are to be successful. Hers was a process that has a beginning point, a humble start, but one that was not abandoned or ‘finished’; a lifelong commitment to service. So must ours also be. She is truly such an inspiration! Oh, to be able to be a Herald of His Name, as she was!

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