Miss Holsapple

Leonora Stirling Holsapple with Mrs. Elizabeth Greenleaf, Green Acre 1923

Hudson, N.Y. January 25th, 1921

“Yes, Leonora sailed away on 15th Inst. and kept up bravely to the last – smiling and waving goodbyes to her father and sister after they had left the ship.”

No one believed she could do it. No one thought she should.  Everyone said she was crazy. Her friends said it was too far away – to go half way round the world – and unsafe.  Her father said he wouldn’t allow it!  But she went and bought the one way ticket for the ships travel to Brazil anyway!  This was not a girls’ whim, or a dare for high adventure. This was a yearning of the soul – a yearning to follow the desires for her of the Master to become a spiritual physician, to minister to people’s hearts.  She had been ministering to young minds, drilling them in Latin.  But what she really yearned for was to fulfill ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s admonition in His Tablet to her to become a spiritual physician healing mankind with the Word of God.

2 thoughts on “Miss Holsapple

  1. I recently acquired a beautiful painting signed by Lenora Armstrong, and while I’ve been able to find information about her, I can’t seem to find anything at all about her art. I was hoping that you might be able to help me. The painting is of a tiger and as I said, it’s absolutely beautiful. I would be truly grateful for any information that you might have about it. Although email is fine, please feel free to call me if you would prefer. My cell phone number is 270-585-4418. Thank you so much.
    Mrs. J. Kaye Slater

    • Dear Mrs. Slater,
      So sorry to not have seen your note earlier!
      My great aunt Leonora was not a painter. I can only figure that your painter Lenora is a different woman.
      Best of luck with your research,

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