Oil Painting Day No. 2

So, it’s been almost two years since I’ve had my oil paints with me, and now that they are here in Israel along with my pochade box easel, I am over the moon.  Have just finished painting day no. 2 and got done just in time before the light really left the buildings outside my balcony windows.


Today started out very rainy, but by noon or 1pm it was clearing.  So started out by toning several of my small [5″x7″] canvases.  Some are canvas covered boards and some are just gessoed mat board.  Doing several at a time gives me the ability to just grab and go next weekend before the sun fades!


Glad I remembered to take a few pictures of the canvas before it was completely covered.  In this photo you can still see some of the outline work.  Also realized today that I should NOT paint in the dining room!  The light goes dim too soon.


So here’s a picture of the painting on the easel on my balcony.  The balcony was the perfect place to set up painting as it’s glassed in on three sides, and by afternoon there is no direct sunshine.  You can see that the entire painting is covered, but am not sure that it’s a finished painting.  It’s more of a sketch.


Here is a close-up showing brushwork of the ocean and the shore over by ‘Akká.


Close-up of my palette and paint mixtures.

Okay!  I feel like I earned my coffee and cookie this afternoon!!!

[Disclaimer for my Dad – This is an oil study, not a finished “painting”, because it would have been nice to mix better colours for flowers etc. and use a smaller brush, but in order to get it in before the light faded, I had to speed it up!]

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