Leonora Armstrong at Green Acre

Letter from Leonora Holsapple Armstrong to Dorothy Baker

Leonora Holsapple & Elizabeth Greenleaf - Green Acre School, Eliot, Maine - 1920

Leonora Holsapple & Elizabeth Greenleaf – Green Acre School, Eliot, Maine – 1920

14 April, 1951

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Dear Dorothy,

Especially as you are the granddaughter of dear Mather Beecher – whom my grandmother admired so profoundly and loved deeply – I have wished very much to know you, at least through correspondence, until we can meet, as I hope we may in the not too distant future……

As you asked me in your note for a picture of myself, I am enclosing a snapshot that Jeanie Bolles took of me when we were together in São Paulo, as it is clearer that any more recent one, and also two still older pictures because of their associations – one taken with dear Elizabeth Greenleaf the summer we spent together at the Fellowship House at Greenacre just before I came to Brazil….

Loving greetings to you ….



For the Women in my Family

O My handmaiden, O My leaf!  Render thou thanks unto the Best Beloved of the world for having attained this boundless grace at a time when the world’s learned and most distinguished men have remained deprived thereof.  We have designated thee ‘a leaf’ that thou mayest, like unto leaves, be stirred by the gentle wind of the Will of God — exalted be His glory — even as the leaves of the trees are stirred by onrushing winds . . .

We admonish thee to do that which will serve to promote the interests of the Cause of God amongst men and women.  He doth hear the call of the friends and beholdeth their actions.  Verily, He is the Hearing and the Seeing.  –   Bahá’u’lláh

My great aunt Leonora, my great grandmother Grace, and my grandmother Alethe. Photo taken in Hudson, New York, about 1899.

Mother-Daughters Photo

Have been researching to find a more accurate date for this photo of Leonora Holsapple with her mother and sister. So far, believe this to have been taken about 1899, shortly before Grace Holsapple passed away from, what was later to be named, diabetes. Taken in Hudson, New York. Leonora is on the left, and Alethe on the right side of photo.

Leonora Holsapple on Board Ship – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leonora Holsapple on Board Ship - Buenos Aires, Argentina

1940 – This photo was taken of Leonora during her trip from Rio to Buenos Aires to attend the funeral of May Bolles Maxwell. May had just spent 2 weeks in Rio visiting with Leonora and all the other friends in the area, before settling in her newly planned teaching post.