At Bahji & Akka


One of the gates at Bahjí


The Pilgrim House at Bahjí


The Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh in the gardens at Bahjí


On the balcony of the Mansion of Bahjí


In the gardens by the Bahjí Visitors Centre


Seawall and rooftops of ‘Akká


Prison, rooftops and seawall of ‘Akká


Sunset seen from the beach in ‘Akká


Lights of Haifa seen from the beach in ‘Akká – showing the Terraces as a strip of light going from mountain top to the sea.


Nighttime view of Haifa from the beach at ‘Akká



Sunrise at Bahjí 3

Walked out behind the Mansion into the unfinished sections of the garden to find these glowing morning sunlight views of the east side of the building.

Early Morning Glow on the Mansion of Bahjí – 3 December 2011

Dawn at Bahjí

This morning found me piling out of bed at 4:45am to get ready for a sherut ride out to Bahjí just north of ‘Akká.  The normal hour drive in traffic is only about thirty minutes on a quiet Shabat Saturday morning.  The air was cold waiting for the Sherut on Hatzionut Avenue at 6am and even colder (about 45 degrees) once we got out at Bahjí.  At 6:45 the sun had just barely risen and the rosy colour was visible above the trees.

Bahjí Visitors Centre – 6:45am

Gorgeous Gardens at Bahjí

One Saturday when most of the buses were not running and things were VERY quiet because of Shabbat….I was invited to go with friends in their car out to Bahjí.  This is the estate to the north of Haifa where Baha’u’llah went to live when he was released from the prison in ‘Akká. At the time he was there – 1879 to 1892 when he passed away – it looked nothing like it looks today.  It was an old country mansion with small outbuildings and no gardens.  People got there by donkey, cart or by walking.

The real work of the design of the gardens was started by Shoghi Effendi and his vision has been carried on even after his passing in 1957.  This historical photo below was taken from the south and my photos below that show where we entered from the west.

Mansion of Bahjí

Bahjí – path from west entrance

Mansion of Bahji – Historical photo