Reflections of Budapest

Reflections of Budapest – Nine photos of unusual captures of reflections while walking Budapest last March.  Contrast of the new and old, people and architecture, large and small…

Handmade in Hungary

Handmade in Hungary begins with a walk down a pedestrian street filled with shops housed in traditional Hungarian huts.  Then continues in the large turn of the century market building.  I was captivated by all the vibrant colour!!!


This is Parliament – Budapest

Parliament built in 1898.


Waking Up in Budapest!


A larger selection of my photos of Budapest.

Walking in the Steps of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Walking in the Steps of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Budapest at Night

Crossing the Liberty Bridge over the Danube River going towards the Buda side of Budapest, Hungary.

Liberty Bridge - Budapest

Liberty Bridge – Budapest

The Gellért is an Art-Nouveau building with huge draped windows in the breakfast room [the size of a ballroom!] overlooking the Danube.  Lots of old world ambiance.  Located on the quiet side of Budapest.

Gellert Hotel & Spa - Budapest

Gellert Hotel & Spa – Budapest

Handheld – but you can still see our balcony on the top floor to the left of the tower.  Gellért Hotel, Budapest, Hungary.

Close-up of Gellert Hotel - Budapest

Close-up of Gellert Hotel – Budapest