In the Gardens of the Shrine

Taken last night walking through the Arc gardens and then in the Gardens above and next to the Shrine of the Báb.  One of these photos is especially inserted for Lawrence…if you find it, let me know! 

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Reflections of Budapest

Reflections of Budapest – Nine photos of unusual captures of reflections while walking Budapest last March.  Contrast of the new and old, people and architecture, large and small…

Today in Israel

Haifa to Mt. Gilboa to Haifa.

Including pictures taken from the Gilboa Mountains lookout point and the Herb Farm Restaurant.

More Art

This is another blog entry showing some more artwork from my studio period in California.  The studio here was in an historical brick building in downtown Sonora, built in 1903.  We were on the second floor with 12 foot high ceilings and huge 7 ft. windows on three sides.  It was a gorgeous space with 1920’s era wood floors, natural light to paint by, and plenty of space for gallery displays.

Landscape of Redhills Road area of Tuolumne County. 8 x 10, acrylic.

Painted down on the beach in the cove, in the fog – Mendocino Coast, Northern Calif.

Working on a larger canvas of Mendocino pieces back in my studio. This was of the same cove, but focusing on the one cliff across from the beach.

Another large canvas being worked on back in my studio after the trip to Mendocino. This one is a more foggy view of one of the headlands with the Mendocino pine tree out at the tip.

Coastline north of Fort Bragg, California. 8 x 10. Oil on panel.

Pic of me plein air painting on the beach north of Ft. Bragg, Calif. It was windy! And the sand was blowing too. That is the previous painting [posted above] on the easel. This was one of the brief mornings with sunshine. Most of the week had been totally foggy, but it was gorgeous. Painted this panel in 45 minutes, as we were packing the car to drive the five hours back to the mountains of Sonora.